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Services ·     

·      Mid-day Dog Walk 

·      Litter box cleaning ·      Administration of medications ·      Overnight and extended stays
Extended stays include ·      Newspaper and mail brought in ·      Watering of plants ·      Opening/closing blinds ·      Trash taken out/trash cans brought up from curb 
I am fully insured and bonded. Please contact Lake Nona Dog Walkers for any additional information or to schedule an appointment.

In-Home Pet Care has been proven to reduce the level of stress while owners are away, on vacation. Lake Nona Dog Walkers of Orlando, Florida, can help you to keep your pet safe while you're away,this allows your pet to stay in his or her own secure environment, while all of the sights, smells, and sounds are familiar. There will be no travel-trauma, no crating, and no exposure to unknown animals

Payment is expected at the time of service.  You may leave your check or cash for the contracted price.

Payment Policy:  Full payment is due prior to the first service. If payment is not received by the time the sitter makes the first visit, we will perform the initial visit only and contact you to make other arrangements for care of your pets or for payment over the phone by credit card. We accept cash, check, or credit card. Credit card charges are available for your convenience, and a 4% fee will automatically be added to your bill.

Cancellation Policy:  Refunds cheerfully given with at least 48 hours advance notice.
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